How does
MoonGame work?

One of our strategic visions within MOONGAME is to create monetary
incentives for the most committed and motivated players..

If Game is known as a place to find entertainment and relax experiences after stressful working and studying hours, Crypto is considered as a profitable investment. From two areas with many differences, in a simple and creative way, MoonGame has combined them to create a new financial game system, a unique investment channel that makes your investment experience better. so interesting through the game. MoonGame is built on the BSC ecosystem - a multi-use ecosystem with a huge number of users. We aspire to create the largest I-MGaming platform in the world, offering attractive returns for all participants. We put Blockchain technology into all the games on the system, making the gaming process transparent and fair. The technology that Moongame owns also helps to maximize the application of blockchain, helping to connect with off-chain betting systems, thereby bringing great advantages such as: easily scaling with the number of games. large, small commissions, minimum participating capital and instant trading.

MOONGAME token is the native currency in the game. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game.
MoonGame token holders also benefit through a 8.5% static reflection reward from every transaction.
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Staking Rewards

The MoonGame Protocol

MoonGame is designed to be held, but benefits holders in times of expected cryptocurrency volatility. With an equivalent in and out tax system, all price action will provide the same rewards. See our other holder benefits and tokenomics by using the tabs.

Compound Reflection

Earn automatic MoonGame rewards just by holding your MoonGame - You will receive it automatically in your wallet, and you can manually claim it in our dApp Dashboard. This effectively means that the native reflection of BNB works in paralell, generating a Compound Reflection effect, and exponentially increasing your holdings.

dApp Dashboard

Our own proprietary dApp (Decentralized App) is our first steps towards an extensive future. The dApp Dashboard currently allows our holders to see their Total MoonGame reflections, manually claim them if they're looking to get those rewards early, Re-Invest rewarded BNB, among other features, and we plan to keep expanding on it and adding more value to the users.

Multiple BuyBacks

Our contract counts with two different BuyBack systems: The main one, Moonshot Buyback, is a large buyback that generates a big green candle in the chart. Moonshot is executed when the chart most needs it. When volume is low, the AutoBoost Buy-Back System kicks in, small buys will happen, to discourage early sellers. All the tokens bought by our BuyBack systems are instantly burned deflating MoonGame even more.

Anti-Whale System

Our contract counts with a simple straightforward whale discouragement system: No sells of amounts higher than 0.1% of the circulating supply are possible at once. This discourages or at least reduces big selloffs, since the amount will be lower in the end.

Earn The Highest BNB Yields With MOONGAME's Reflection Rewards

Hyper-Deflationary, Self-Sustaining, AutoBoosted, BNB
Rewards Token

$MoonGame and you’ll receive BNB automatically in your wallet.

$With the auto-claim feature, you’ll receive BNB automatically in your wallet every 60 minutes.

$MoonGame also utilizes an automatic liquidity pool to replenish the liquidity of the token on every transaction. The contract will collect tokens from each transaction, adding them to the LP. This creates stability for the token and supports the price floor.

We use several mechanisms to encourage holding the tokens. We don’t use bots to manipulate price or attempt to pump and dump the token: The requirement to hold tokens for 24 hours to get the BNB rewards will also encourage investors to hold.

BNB’s Reflection works alongside MoonGame’s Reflection, generating between 5x-10x profits compared to only holding BNB*

5% Automatic BNB Redistribution

2% Added to Liquidity

2% BuyBack + Burn

1% Marketing

Reward Dashboard

We have built an intuitive and easy to use Dashboard for you to keep track of your rewards, remember the more people purchase $BNBC token the better reward you will receive, and yes it really is every 60 minutes!

Reward Dashboard



Whether you win or lose transactions happen via the Game Payment Wallet MGT. Nothing goes to the developer wallet. Losing bets and 1.5% transaction fees get burned to reduce the total supply of MGT.

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Phase 2, We are constantly developing entertaining games to create rewards for players and profits for MoonGame Token holders. All built on Mobile and PC

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Get more MoonGame tokens just for Staking them! Stake on MoonGame is the process of obtaining additional MoonGame tokens. Profit from staking is calculated in annual interest rate (APR). Enjoy one of the most relevant passive earnings in the crypto world!

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